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Alphabet Mix

I just found these beautiful postcards and posters by letterer and type designer, Laura Meseguer.  They feature parts of typefaces in development and her interpretation of beautiful signs photographed in around the world. Based in Barcelona,

Laura designed the award-winning Rumba. See her interview in Creative Characters from Myfonts.

Top: screenprinted, bottom: letterpressed.

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Type Worship is 2

This month sees Type Worship’s second birthday! Writing about type and lettering plus hunting for those design work gems has been tremendous fun. I had no idea that this blog would prove to be such an enjoyable catalyst for learning about and meeting so many incredibly talented people. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had such great reaction from everyone, especially the community on Tumblr.

To coincide with this, CreativeBloq has published my article, 11 Killer tips for a successful Tumblr Blog, describing how Type Worship grew from a handful of followers and how to ensure your blog Tumblr stands out from the crowd.

Thank you to all those who have followed, liked, reblogged and supported. And thanks to these designers too for use of these twos:

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